About me

Hi! I’m Lissa.

A 29 year old digital art-director & plant lover. I live and work in Arnhem which is one of the larger cities in the eastern part of The Netherlands

This all started with an instagram account I started last year where I tried to capture the beauty of plants and my passion for nature. “A look into a plant girls life and her ever expanding plantgang.” It got a bit out of control. At this point I have more than a hundred plants. And there still are so many plants I would love to add to my collection.

Plants plants plants

All those blogs online make it look so easy to have a huge collection. But I can tell you, the truth is that it’s not. Every plant person I’ve spoken to tells me they’ve killed plants and had difficult times keeping their plants healthy and happy. So if you have a plant that doesn’t look good. Don’t get discouraged!

Also Botanical styling and plants are pretty much a trend nowadays but this trend gives me mixed feelings. On one hand I am very happy that plants, greenery and nature are back in peoples lives again.

On the other hand I find it difficult that people¬†buy plants because it’s trendy, put them in a dark spot in their house and let them wither and die. I also see a lot of plants that are thrown away because they got ugly due to lack of proper care. I think thats really sad.¬†Plants are living things and deserve the best care after you chose to take them home with you (just like pets)!

What will you find on this blog

This blog is for everyone that wants to learn something about their plants (and mine off course). How to take care of them and where to buy them and also some plant friendly styling.

If you want to see more pics of my plant collection visit my instagram page: plantenstudio

If you have a question about a plant, if you would like to know about a specific plant or plant care, or if you want to collaborate leave me a message!