My love for weird plants

As you know by now (if you follow my instagram account) I love my plants weird, rare or really funny looking but this wasn’t always the case.

The first time I bought some plants was because we had a lot of plants in the home I grew up. And when I moved out and started renting a house with Olivier it made total sense that household effects would include some plants. Because those are the things you need when you move into a house right?

I think I had 5 plants at the time. We ‘adopted’ a pretty large Ficus Bejamin from a local pop-up store that gave sad office plants a new home. We bought a Monstera Deliciosa at the local supermarket. I got Olivier an Olive tree for his birthday. We had a some weird kind of Rhipsalis that I got as a housewarming gift and some hyacinth bulbs.

When Olivier and I bought a house a couple of years later I thought “now we have more space . So I need more plants to make it cosy”.
At that time I would just go to the nearest garden center and got some plants I liked. At home I would google what kind of care the plant needed and then I would give it the spot in my house I thought it would thrive in. I really enjoyed taking care of the plants, how they made the room look and I loved watching the plants grow and thrive. Except of buying plants to make the space look nice it became a real hobby to take care of them.

After a couple of years (and 100 plants later) my hobby evolved in something more. I would get a bit bored with the plants that I saw everywhere so I started looking for special and rare plants that you didn’t see very often. I got very interested in Caudex plants, rare and weird Euphorbia, special Cacti & odd looking Succulents.

I have all kinds of plants at the nowadays and I love my collection. I gave some of my ‘old’ plants away to friends and family. And I kept the ones that where special to me. Like the ones that I got as a cuttings and grew really big (like my mother Pilea). My first and oldest plant that I still have is the Monstera Deliciosa from Albert Heijn that we got when I moved in with Olivier. It’s 10 years old now!

“Where do you buy your plants?”

I get that question all the time. And I get asked a lot if people can receive cuttings from my plants or buy plants.

In my next couple of blog posts I’ll give you guys some information about the people, shops and websites I get my plants nowadays. So stay tuned!

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